“A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.”

Being pregnant is such a special time, even if it's not always the most comfortable! Every pregnant woman is beautiful in her own way (even though she seldom feels it!) and deserves a photo shoot to show her just how stunning she is, while she embarks on the most challenging and rewarding journey of her life... growing a baby and embarking on the journey of motherhood. One day, that little baby will be out in the big, wide world and you will forget the sweet feeling of his/her kicks; the constant urge to stroke your bump; the secret feeling of knowing you are the only person he/she knows and loves at this stage. 

So, don't let that little voice inside your head put you off from having photos of this special time. I can guarantee you that your little one will love looking back on these photos of his/her precious mama while you carried him/her.

Maternity shoots are best done around 32-34 weeks. By this stage, your bump is beautiful and round and it's the perfect opportunity to take these special photos in case baby makes an early appearance!


Pregnancy is also the perfect opportunity to announce your growing secret with a fun photo or have an exciting gender reveal!  

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Memories fade, photos are forever.

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